Terms & Conditions

. Terms of Hire

1. The terms & conditions apply to all booking are made through the Minicab express/London Airport service website or directly via our booking office

2. The sending or making of a booking request does not confirm a booking and in no way obligates Minicab express/London Airport service contractually or otherwise until Minicab express/London Airport service confirms a booking in writing, via email or other.

3. Any changes to the booking must be notified to Minicab express/London Airport service as soon as possible, as it is possible that your booking will be cancelled by Minicab express/London Airport service at point of pickup should it then interfere with other bookings.

4. All drivers are self-employed, fully insured (with hire & reward insurance) Public Carriage Office registered plus personally responsible for all goods & persons carried, therefore Minicab express/London Airport service does not accept any liability for persons, personal belongings or any goods carried, unless it should be proven that Minicab express/London Airport service did not ensure that a drivers insurance was up-to-date.

5. Minicab express/London Airport service does not accept any liability for late vehicles either at a pickup point or destination, or for any unforeseen event, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that you allow enough time when booking to allow for any unforeseen event and to meet any personal or business timetables.

6. For airport Pick-ups we allow 45 minutes free waiting time and this will begin once the flight has landed, after the 45 minutes a waiting time charge will begin which is £0.25pence per minute. If the driver has to park inside the car park for airport pickups then the passengers will have to pay for all of the parking charge. For all other non-airport pickup journeys we allow 10 minutes free waiting from the time the journey is booked and after the 10 minutes the driver will begin charging waiting time at £0.25pence per minute.

Confirmation of bookings

1. For credit card payments: Minicab express/London Airport service will issue a confirmation of booking subject to timeSLOTavailability via email or other. However Minicab express/London Airport service reserve the right to cancel a booking without notice & without prejudice should the credit card company refuse payment. In the unlikely event that this happens Minicab express/London Airport service procedure is to issue an email notifying you of the situation & informing you that you booking is cancelled.

2. For cash payments & payments made by UK Cheque & cheque card: Minicab express/London Airport service will notify you upon receipt of your booking request (by return email or other) that your booking has been accepted and confirmed.


1. Except of inbound journeys from airports that must be paid by credit card in advance we accept payment for all other journeys by cash, UK cheque & cheque card or Credit card.

2. Cash & Cheque payments are made directly to the driver who will issue a receipt at point of payment which will be at the end of the contracted journey.

3. Credit card payments (or any payment made to Minicab express/London Airport service) is subject to a 20% VAT (Value Added Tax) government taxation charge irrespective of were the booking is made from, as all work is carried out in the UK and is therefore subject to VAT.

4. Where a booking is made by credit card and the passenger/s choose alternative destinations to those booked, the driver will charge any differences which should be made in cash (pounds sterling) after receiving a quote for any differences from the control centre.

5. Where the journey is a shorter distance than that booked a refund will not be made (either in full or in part) as you have not informed us of any change/s and are in breach of the contracted journey. Please see cancellations & refunds.

Refunds & Cancellations

In the event that You are not available at the Agreed Pick-Up Point within 15 minutes of the Agreed Time, it will be at driver’s discretion to treat Your non-availability as a cancellation, and You will not be entitled to any refund of the Fare, Administration Fee or Card Costs. Where the drivers decides to wait more than 15 minutes from the Agreed Time – or more than 30 minutes if the pick-up point is an airport then You may be subject to additional charges by driver in respect of any additional waiting time and/or parking charges and will make such payment directly to the driver.

Refunds & Cancellations – Credit cards:

In the event that an error occurs in your charging that should resulted in you being overcharged, or you feel you should receive a refund for any reason please contact us as soon as possible.

Any journey may be cancelled up to the time a job has been dispatched. In which case a full refund will be made less a Ten pound cancellation free.

Where a job is cancelled on arrival or the driver is on route to you no refund will be made.

In the event that Minicab express/London Airport service should be in breach of any contracted journey a full refund will be made without any cancellation free or other.

All refunds will be re-credited to you credit card but under no circumstance will a refund be made in any other way when payment is received by credit card.

Please Note:

Refunds should register on your account within 72 hours, in the event that it doesn’t please contact us again and we will chase it up for you.

Refunds – Cash & UK Cheque:

In the event that a driver overcharges you or you feel that you should receive a refund for any reason please contact us as soon as possible and we will look into the matter for you. If a driver has overcharged or a refund is found to be appropriate a refund will be made in pound sterling by UK cheque and posted to you anywhere in the world.

Multi drops or pickups

For Multi drops & pickups will require a quote directly from the control centre.

When these quote are made they allow ten minutes waiting time at each pickup point or destination, however; should a vehicle be kept waiting at any such point in excess of fifteen minutes the driver will make a cash charge for the difference.


1. It is your responsibility to have read and understood Minicab express/London Airport service terms & conditions, & privacy policies prior to ordering a vehicle.

Ordering a vehicle confirms acceptance of our terms & conditions, & privacy policies without reservation.

In all cases the Laws of England & Wales shall apply.
All personal data is protected by the Data Protection Act &
UK statutory rights apply.
All rights reserved.

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